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Kiki the Bible Hero is Coming Soon to Youtube!

Kiyanna is a creative and active 6-year-old that loves the bible and telling her friends all about the word of Jesus Christ. She recently discovered that she has the God given gift to be Kiki the Bible Hero! With the help of her older brother and friends, she promises that all kids around the world will know about the Living Word, have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and too find their gift of being a Bible Hero!

Join our network of followers and subscribe, like and share her episodes premiering this Summer 2023. Kiki will also discuss daily devotions, bible printable worksheets and have a youth bible study with the help of her church sisters. Kiki the Bible Hero is sponsored by Chasten Gold Nonprofit, which benefits the homeless population of California. To donate to our channel and to our cause, please visit for more information

Kiki the bible hero